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The system for Ambient Assisted Living

The problem:

The population of the developed world is aging. The sad fact is that there is simply not enough human capacity to provide proper care for everybody. All over the developed nations, there are thousands of old people dying every day following simple home accidents due to lack of help.

The solution:

Smooth, inexpensive and unobtrusive technology for ambient assisted living reduces casualties caused by the home accidents and helps to recognize certain kinds of diseases in their early stage. Furthermore, it extends the time elderly people can live themselves in their preferred environment, increasing their self confidence and strengthening their independence.

What we can offer:

a set of sensors which monitor inhabitants activity
a unique user’s behavior tool able to recognize changes in inhabitant’s behavior patterns and thereby to predict certain diseases in early stages. Moreover to recognize (to certain degree) home accidents wearables that contain a panic button a set of speakerphones which handle communication between the elderly in trouble and a selected person server that makes it all working together


Key features of Hippo Care:

10 minute plug and play installation
no need to change batteries (2 year battery life)
no internet connection or landline is required
the ability to recognize unusual situations which could be dangerous for user’s health and life and call for help
affordable prices

The magic behind the ability to recognize unusual situations?

According to many studies and our own research human behavior shows signs of combining of random actions with repeating patterns
If such pattern is broken we know that something wrong may have happened
The magic behind the ability is maths and machine learning algorithms

How can we recognize diseases in their early stages?

Certain diseases manifest themselves by certain changes in human activity
The ability to recognize these changes is the ability to recognize diseases in early stages

The market:

According to the European Commission, between 2010 and 2050 the elderly population will increase by 58 million, a gain of 77%
The percentage of American senior set is going to rise from 14% in 2003 to 19.3% in 2030
There is a very similar rocket rise also in Russia, Japan and even China

The target group:

Daughters and sons of elderly people who don’t need 24/7 caregiver yet or can’t afford one